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mRNA vaccines - a new investigative film

This week, some of Senator Rand Paul's videos on YouTube were pulled from circulation.

It just shows how independent TV networks are more important in these times of mandatory vaccinations...

The Enigma Channel team have been investigating how mRNA vaccines actually fool human cells into growing a version of the Coronavirus Spike Protein onto every cell...

Meanwhile, in Austria, members of the public recall their grandparents hiding members of the anti-NAZI resistance movement under their floorboards... Today, they are doing the same - except this time they are giving safe haven to UNVACCINATED PEOPLE...

Millions of people have marched in the streets of Vienna, Milan, Paris and other European cities. People are questioning if the vaccines are as effective as the media say... And if they are effective, then why have 16 European nations been put back in LOCK DOWN?

The Enigma Channel's new season of documentary films investigates how mRNA vaccines work, and why the Coronavirus Spike Protein is cloned onto human cells by some of the vaccines...

Meanwhile, back in London, a new memorial, remembering the holocaust of the NAZI era will be constructed next to the Houses of Parliament.  

We wonder what kind of memorial will be built to honour the memory of FOUR AND A HALF MILLION VICTIMS of the Coronavirus - which some epidemiologists - such as Nobel prize-winning Dr Luc Montaigner - say was GENETICALLY ENGINEERED IN A LAB...?

Will there even be a memorial?

In our latest documentary about the so called 'SCAMDEMIC', we ask if Doctor Fauci is indeed 'psychic', as he over-confidently predicted the Coronavirus back in 2017 - just when President Trump took power in the Oval Office...

TRUMP WAS ELECTED in November 2016...

protestors at the Capitol building on January 6th 2021 claim that by January 2017, a global SCAMDEMIC was already well planned. What is the evidence?

Documents from North Carolina, and Senate hearings hosted by Senator Rand Paul show that GAIN OF FUNCTION experiments with Covid/Coronavirus started way back in 2001.

GAIN OF FUNCTION is a medical term which describes the WEAPONIZATION of Coronavirus.

FAUCI STRUTTED to a conference in Georgetown and confidently vowed that 'TRUMP WOULD NO DOUBT FACE A SURPRISE NEW EPIDEMIC'.
How did Fauci, how did Bill Gates and how did the profiteering members of the medical mafia KNOW that Coronavirus would disrupt the re-election of Trump?

And why should YouTube censor some of Senator Rand Paul's video clips?

We report on the millions of people who believe that 'Big Tech' has gone too far, and claim that this is a new era of fascism...

This statement by Fauci is FACT CHECKED and it is 100% TRUE.

Since the Capitol Rally, many people have been incarcerated and fined.

We investigate the claims made by people attending the January 6th rally. One person we interviewed says:
"Around 4.5million people have been murdered by a genetically engineered SPIKE PROTEIN which has been grafted from a bat/mouse virus - all paid for using grants FAUCI gave to scientists in the USA and China to make Coronavirus an infectious, highly transmissible BIO WEAPON unleashed on the people in order to usher-in a NEW WORLD ORDER with senile Senator Joe Biden as the FALL GUY".  ~ Ohio MAGA committee

We take a deep hard look at the political and scientific ramifications of Covid.

4.5million people have died from this mysterious virus which fills your lungs with mucus. Italy, China and Iran have been hit hard with this CORONAVIRUS which kills almost like a lab-made BIO-WEAPON...

Our documentary series MEDICAL MAFIA charts the development of viruses which trigger cancer, first developed at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, which was partly funded by the British and German royal households.

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The Enigma Channel's MEDICAL MAFIA TV series goes way deeper than anything you'll ever find on YouTube or Netflix - we show you how the VACCINE SCAM was first started with experimental horrific experiments on children by Dr Joseph Mengele

One of our new MEDICAL MAFIA episodes investigates Dr Joseph Mengele and how Bayer knowingly sold blood products contaminated with AIDS... 

The MEDICAL MAFIA episodes are essential viewing for you and your family. 


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