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Epstein and Biden in our latest investigative documentary

Welcome back to Lolita Island!

In this star studded episode we have Pimps, Pornstars, Pedophiles, Pushers and, of course, Royal Princes…

But wait - it seems that Jeffrey Epstein also had Presidents as his house guests and neighbours…

We can reveal that JOE BIDEN and his brother are Jeffrey Epstein’s neighbours - they bought a plot of land on WATER ISLAND - which historically was used by PIRATES to hide contraband and slaves…

THE VOYNICH MANUSCRIPT - new documentary streaming now:

For the first time ever in the history of Voynich research, Chris Everard reveals that some of the illustrations are MICROSCOPIC IMAGES of what are known as TRICHOMES - these are crystals which appear on the leaves of many plants - through a microscope they look like a stalk ending in a spherical ball - and the plant which is most famous for having millions of these TRICHOME CRYSTAL STALKS is CANNABIS….


In fact, not only does the Voynich manuscript contain detailed images of TRICHOME CRYSTALS, but also illustrates the buds of cannabis, the leaves of cannabis and then goes on to explain how the cannabis oils can be diffused and inhaled via tubes and cylinders in relaxing hot steam baths and baths of cannabis-infused clay…

It’s all there - staring at researchers in the face - there’s even illustrated MICROSCOPES just in case the reader can’t understand the drawings… All staring back at us from the pages of an encoded mysterious manuscript written 600 years ago…

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