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Election 2020 - it's not over til the fat lady sings

Around 239.2 million Americans were eligible to vote in 2020 and around 159.8 million people mailed-in votes and visited polling booths.

A sea of red MAGA hats could be seen in some long lines of voters at Trump rallies in the months leading to this historically huge turnout of people.

This is the highest voting rate since 1900!

Joe Biden has astonishingly got more votes than any candidate - ever - in the history of the USA! So how come the mainstream media don't say that?

The 159.8 million votes are the highest number of votes in a U.S. presidential election - in history! 

In 2016, the biggest record stood just above 136.6 million votes… And that was because of TRUMP’S ARMY - yes, that made - until now - the record biggest turnout in 2016…

It was even bigger this time - Trump voters said they came out to vote to put a stop to the media hype that Biden was in the lead’… 

At least 100 million votes were mailed-in because of Coronavirus.

BUT WAIT! Trump’s Army had a very big surprise… Staggering statistics revealed themselves on election night as nearly every bundle of postal votes were in favour of Biden!

Biden’s vote curve went into an almost vertical line as the postal votes were added to the count.

Oops! Thousands of dead people were sent ballots - but at the same time thousands of mostly Republicans never received their ballots...  

And what about Trump? Well, he made history again because never before have we seen a sitting president get 71m votes, and his opponent - a man who does not have a good reputation following the P!zz@ga†e and Clinton-Podesta email revelations - never before has an opponent won against an incumbent president with an estimated 88.8m votes for Biden

This is more than suspicious. Why? Because Biden couldn’t even attract 1,000 people to any of his campaigning events… Dang, Biden couldn’t even win the Senate!

But hey - we’ve seen this election rigging before…

Penn State has gone back to 'undecided' as the count still has not finished SEVEN DAYS after the election! 

In the fall of 1918, the United States was approaching a midterm election like none other before. Not only were President Woodrow Wilson and his fellow Democrats trying to keep control of Congress during the home stretch of World War I—they were trying to do so in the middle of one of the deadliest pandemics in history.

The first wave of the so-called Spanish flu had begun that spring, when the first official cases were reported at Camp Funston, a U.S. Army training camp at Fort Riley, Kansas. The second wave, which emerged in September 1918 at an army training camp and naval facility near Boston, would be far worse. This time, the flu spread quickly into the civilian population of Boston and other cities on the East Coast. In the month of October alone, a total of 195,000 Americans died.

As scientists raced to find a vaccine, public health officials turned to time-tested methods of social distancing and quarantine…

Sound familiar?

HOW TO RIG AN ELECTION is a sarcastic - but statistically accurate - investigation of the 2020 election - complete with the infamous 'Crackhead' footage from the new president's son!

Top authors know they can rely on the Enigma Channel to faithfully stream their research without any worry of the clips vanishing...

Coming up this week, an in-depth investigation into the shocking similarities of gods worshipped in the Amazon rain forest when compared to ancient gods of Palestine and Jordan!


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