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Wales was an unconquered land of wizards right up to the 13th century. Welsh lakes were said to be the home of amphibian creatures who became known as ‘dragons’.

The Black Book of Carmarthen, The Book of Taliesin, The Book of Aneirin, and The Red Book of Hergest are medieval books written by monks and mystics. They recount a paranormal, magical history of Wales, where villages and towns were under the tutelage and control of mystical wizards - the most famous of which is MYRDDIN, or MERLIN.

Conversations and battles with large reptilian creatures and psychic divination and telepathy are common themes explored in these ancient Welsh books owned by Queen Elizabeth.

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Dating from 1250, The Black Book of Carmarthen is the earliest surviving medieval manuscript written solely in Welsh, and contains some of the earliest references to Arthur and Merlin.

Dragons in eastern cultures are usually depicted as wingless, four-legged, serpentine creatures with above-average intelligence.

Watch the most in-depth investigative TV series ever made about the megalithic sites of STONE HENGE, the LEY LINES, dragons and CHILD SACRIFICE.

The Anunnaki film investigates the 'GOYLEM' [which means 'lazy slave' in Ashkenazi German-Yiddish - a Golem, or Goylem is an artificially created humanoid slave]... And 'ADAM' was the first man, or, we should say, the first 'slave' created by the Anunnaki in the Babylonian tablets.

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