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Dragon Lines and the Knights Templar

PLANET EARTH is a giant spinning magnet, hurtling through space.

Ahead of the Earth there is a gigantic bow wave of magnetic energy which is spewed from the north and south poles...

* The magnetic field is tilted slightly from the Earth's axis.
* Sometimes the magnetic field is stronger than at other times.
* The magnetic South Pole also moves.
* The magnetosphere is the magnetic force that extends into space…. 

But it also affects all creatures and all humans…

HERITAGE is an epic TV series exclusively on the Enigma Channel

If an alien wanted to find planet earth - they wouldn’t waste time with a telescope - they would just use a magnetometer - planet earth is oozing vast amounts of electromagnetic energy every day…

Humans are also electric. The cells in our blood switch positive and negative polarity 7,000 times per second.

The 8 billion humans on planet earth exert an enormous electro-magnetic field - which is contained in human blood…

Inside the Earth’s Core, oceans of boiling liquid metal generate electric currents.
The rotation of Earth on its axis causes these electric currents to form a magnetic field which extends around the planet.

The latest episode of our HERITAGE TV series explains how Cathedrals were built on top of ancient megalithic sites - and that the flowing LEY LINE energy has been 'hijacked' by cults such as the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR

The global magnetic field is extremely important to sustaining life on Earth.

Billions of birds, insects and sea creatures use the magnetic flowing energy lines to navigate and migrate around our planet.

Animals such as birds, fish, and insects can tap into the Earth’s magnetic field.

Our newest episode investigates the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR and how they created an international GRID of demonic temples masquerading as Christian cathedrals.

A special protein inside bird’s eyes allow them to actually see the earth’s network of electro-magnetism which are called LEY LINES.

In this film, we explore how humans can also sense the Earth’s magnetic fields - this is a secret ancient science called DOWSING.


StoneHenge, Tara in Ireland, Avebury, Silbury Hill, Megaliths in China, DOWSING, BIOMAGNETISM, Ley Lines, Dragon Lines and the curious legends of Saint George and the Dragon are all investigated in two new episodes of our HERITAGE TV series.

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