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DMT exists inside the human brain

THE THIRD EYE is actually the PINEAL GLAND at the centre of the human brain - and it contains several very powerful hallucinogens. 

The Enigma Channel’s SPIRITWORLD documentary films reveal the fact that the ANCIENT PHARAOHS knew that DMT was linked to not only chemicals in magic mushrooms, but the ability of the human brain to perform TELEPATHY… 

Believe it or not LSD-like and DMT chemicals flow through your brain every night as you dream…

...And these chemicals are outlawed!

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In the SPIRITWORLD series of films, CHRIS EVERARD takes you on an in-depth tour of KARNAC TEMPLE in Egypt and explains that OPIUM, and the mysterious brain chemical, DMT, triggered the gift of TELEPATHY - the symbolism and iconography is encoded into dozens of ancient Egyptian tomb paintings - and you can see these for the first time ever on film…

Some of the chemicals in the brain are similar to those found in MAGIC MUSHROOMS - and Chris Everard's SPIRITWORLD series of in-depth documentaries takes you way deeper than any other film into the symbolism of psychedelics, the Pineal Gland, the human brain and TELEPATHY.

The VATICAN in Rome is investigated by CHRIS EVERARD - they have many ancient Egyptian artefacts in the Vatican museum - Christ and Saint Peter are represented alongside magic mushroom iconography in a private chapel accessed ONLY by the Pope himself!

Watch SPIRITWORLD III Part One - the most powerful of all hallucinogenic drugs is N,N-dimethyltryptamine, known colloquially as DMT, which has a similar action to psilocybin but acts over a shorter time scale. The enzyme which produces DMT in the body, indole-N-methyltransferase, has been found in the pineal gland, in motor neurons in the spinal cord, and in the retina, but DMT has not, prolonging the mystery about its function.

  • BUT GET THIS - the ROYAL CROWNS of the Pharaohs have shapes which mimic the embryonic fruiting stage of MAGIC MUSHROOMS - and, the CROWN OF OSIRIS looks like a human brain which has been dissected - and paintings on ancient royal sarcophagi feature EYES staring out into infinity, with a mysterious ENERGY represented as dotted lines, emanating from the Opium pipes of the Pharaohs!

THOUSANDS of fresh, professionally produced documentaries are waiting for you now - CLICK HERE to start watching

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THOUSANDS of fresh, professionally produced documentaries are waiting for you now - CLICK HERE to start watching

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