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Depopulation is NOT just a Conspiracy Theory

The mainstream media give the false impression that DEPOPULATION is just a 'conspiracy theory'...

And yet, documents in the Harvard archives say different... Long before anyone had even heard of ADOLF HITLER, the boss of Harvard was attending 'Racial Hygene' conferences in London. Harvard boffins rationalised the GENOCIDE perpetrated by the British Empire and American government as a pseudo-science called 'EUGENICS'...

Researchers at University College London found that the genocide of nearly 55 million, or 90 per cent, of First Nations Indian people in the Americas during European colonization led to global climate change and the “Little Ice Age” of the 17th century...

But that was just the start... Priests and nuns set up an international network of 'Residential Schools' and 'Orphanages' and in these places today we are discovering MASS GRAVES of thousands of babies tossed into pits.

The Bioethics Research Library and the New York magazine have both investigated Harvard's links to racist EUGENICS.

Enter Stage Right: JEFFREY EPSTEIN and his buddy BILL GATES. 

Epstein funded a $9m mini department at Harvard which studied POPULATION DYNAMICS and EVOLUTION GAME THEORY in an attempt to quantify what kind of global disaster would have a significant impact on the human population...



It sounds almost impossible to believe, but is true - JEFFREY EPSTEIN was funding research in how to completely change the human population of planet earth - leaving just a tiny elite here - basically a mass depopulation program - and Epstein gave a staggering $9m to Harvard boffins to CRUNCH THE DATA and work out how humanity can be wiped-out, leaving an elite - most probably a Hebrew elite like Epstein - in charge.

Long after Epstein was placed on the pedophile register, he was given a nice office and a security access swipe card which enabled him to prey on Harvard student girls. His favourite chat-up line was to offer a young freshman a place at Harvard - and then he topped it off by saying that he would pay for her tuition...

Jeffrey Epstein funded a whole new mini-department at Harvard which was developing a NAZI style race-theory called "Evolutionary dynamics" - which is the study of the mathematical principles according to which biological organisms - such as Humans - as well as cultural ideas evolve and evolved.

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