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Elvis, Howard Hughes, Aliens and the NAZIs

The DEEP STATE has thousands of secret files... But it goes way beyond just FBI, CIA and Pentagon reports of UFOS... Entire new technologies - new secret industries - have been developing underwater tunnelling, Earth Batteries and even ANTI-GRAVITY...

CHRIS EVERARD investigates the satanic, barbaric and strangely weird secret world of the DEEP STATE who have created a PARALLEL SHADOW GOVERNMENT...

DEEP STATE is a fully illustrated digital book which will be delivered to you TODAY.

A man on his death-bed appeared on the internet back in 2011… He was a former employee of billionaire Howard Hughes and claimed that he had top secret clearance at Area 51 and saw ALIENS at the base. 

He held up photos of a plastic alien toy and was labelled a ‘crackpot’…

However, a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST document from the FBI does indeed confirm that he was a former employee with ABOVE TOP SECRET credentials and had worked for Lockheed Martin & Howard Hughes on projects relating to ANTI-GRAVITY!...

CHRIS EVERARD is the author of DEEP STATE - a digital book which will be delivered to you TODAY...

This is NOT a ‘conspiracy theory’.

This is ‘conspiracy FACT’.

Back in 1947 the US Air Force developed a robotic ‘missile-airplane’ which could intercept UFOs. This was most probably in response to the Flying Saucer sightings of that very same year. Project MX-800 is a nine month study and research program calling for “investigations in connection with the development of a supersonic air-to-air pilotless aircraft for use as a guided missile for the destruction of high performance hostile UFOs...

The missile is to have a tactical range of 6000 yards, a speed of the order of 1500 miles per hour, and is to be used against 750-miles per hour aircraft”. 

That was 1947. 

The MX-800 became the basis for the design of the Space Shuttle which was not publicly revealed for another 35 years!

That is just the start of Chris Everard's DEEP STATE book - it takes you through 100 years of secret history, teaching you things the Super-Rich don't want you to know...

  • Chris Everard has helped to push forward information which the public have greatly benefitted from ~ Fritz Springmeier

Nazis, Elvis, Sinatra, Howard Hughes, the Royals, Hitler, Princes, Dukes, Rocket Scientists, Einstein, Majestic12, JFK, Satanists, CIA spies and even aliens are all covered in this 100% factual book…

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