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The first ever atomic explosion ripped a hole in space-time. Something flew into that hole. Something alien to mankind and our planet. ...Something EVIL…

He had not eaten anything solid for 7 days. He was alone in the Mojave desert, a short distance from the secret base which we today call ‘AREA 51’. Images of his unborn son, a tiny infant glistening in the blood from the womb of his lover being placed inside a concrete and iron container called ‘Jumbo’ suspended next to the world’s first ATOMIC BOMB filled his head. But no matter - he had set up his altar, and was beginning his magical ceremony… He bit the head from a live small baby rabbit and got high from the blood. He baptized himself with the blood; ‘I am the AntiChrist, Armiluss, the Great deceiver’s son of the Hebrew Apocalypse, the Dajall son of Satan, a Black Brother of the Brotherhood of the left-hand path’...

That man was the world’s greatest ROCKET SCIENTIST, yes, the founder of JET PROPULSION LABS, which he formed on Halloween, and who was then to receive billions of dollars of tax payers’ money via NASA… He was just one - of many - kabbalists and Hebrew nuclear physicists and scientists who intentionally split the atom, and allowed planet earth to be invaded by strange entities… EINSTEIN and ROBERT OPPENHEIMER even wrote a letter to the president of the United States in 1947 describing these entities as ‘Celestrial Beings’… This is the beginning chapter of CHRIS EVERARD’s digital book THE REAL DOCTOR STRANGELOVES…

THE REAL DOCTOR STRANGELOVES is 100% factual and true - much of what you will read in this book has never been published in the public domain.

This eBook is fully illustrated with more than 50 colour images, diagrams, documents & photos. You can read it on any iPhone, Android, tablet, iPad, Mac or PC.

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There is not just one DOCTOR STRANGELOVE which inspired Stanley Kubricks film - but several 'Dr Strangeloves'… The story goes way deeper - several former alleged employees of AREA 51 say that the inventor of the Hydrogen Bomb - EDWARD TELLER - walked around with Grey Aliens - and was in charge of debriefing aliens who had crash landed in New Mexico and Arizona in the 1950s following the first atomic explosions which allowed demonic entities to enter our world…

L.Ron Hubbard knew these evil entities had been attracted to planet earth by atomic explosions, so did Einstein, so did Edward Teller, and so did members of the Bohemian Club...

THE REAL DOCTOR STRANGELOVES is a digital book which contains declassified top secret documents. It will be delivered to you instantly today by GumRoad. It is a full-scale investigation and exposure of the scientists who formed NASA, and who attended rituals at Bohemian Grove - some were former NAZIs.

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