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Dead men walking... and voting!

Message from British film director, CHRIS EVERARD

If you are using a browser from one of the 'Establishment' companies, then much of what is on the internet is being CENSORED...

Yes, it's a new form of censorship - direct in your browser.

Back in the spring, Senators, Congressmen and House Representatives claimed that BIG TECH is CENSORING THEM... 

To avoid being censored - it's simple - just download one of the free, new elegant browsers such as OPERA or VIVALDI...

Learn to have two browsers open at the same time.

When you get an annoying block on your log-in, or a video fails to play - just swap to a different browser.

CHECKMATE tells the true story of how the world's greatest genius was ARRESTED simply for criticising the NEW WORLD ORDER! 


2021 began with hundreds of thousands of votes from DEAD PEOPLE being certified on January 6th...

But that's just the start of a giant fraud...

Now that the Coronavirus has been used to CHANGE THE POLITICAL LANDSCAPE - we investigate the ACTUAL DEATH TOLL STATISTICS - and discover that the normal records of deaths from influenza HAVE BEEN CENSORED in many countries...


Is it because the DEATH TOLL of the virus that is reported in the mainstream media is actually the EXACT SAME statistics that would normally be labelled 'influenza'? 

Watch our MEDICAL MAFIA TV SERIES and find out the truth...

Will these fake dead people be registered as voters for the Democrats in the next election?

Created in a laboratory - the amplified, more lethal version of Coronavirus was engineered over a period of 18 years - and American tax payers funded the creation of it.

My film about how the 2020 US Election was manipulated is called AMERICAN REVOLUTION...  But it's about far more than just Big Tech and Electronic Voting Machines...

My film exposes how the political system of Washington has always been a den of thievery, propaganda and criminal activity...

It is the only film series which investigates the invisible tentacles stretching across the Atlantic, which have sought to interfere and manipulate governments in Canada and the Americas for decades... On behAlf of the British 'Illuminati'...

The American Revolution film series investigates how some of the Founding Fathers were members of blood cults in Europe - and that they are puppets to a ROYAL DEEP STATE - and that this Deep State is stage managed from outside the USA by aristocrats whose families made fortunes from SLAVERY.

Today, their tentacles are DIGITAL, having successfully bought controlling shares in BIG TECH which has been 'weaponized' against working class people.

I rarely ever ask my Followers for help or donations - all I ask is that you all subscribe to the ENIGMA CHANNEL and that allows my team who work 7 days a week to bring you the deepest investigative films and TV shows out there.

We plough every penny back into making TV shows and films which are the perfect antidote to the brain-numbing banality of the mainstream media. 

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Many thanks to Jim for his testimonial.

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