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David Lynch and the Hollywood Illuminati

Ghosts jumping into someone’s body - known as spirit possession - is a recurring theme in the films made by DAVID LYNCH… 

At the moment a person dies - especially in a sudden unexpected way - their soul can be ejected from their body… 

At that EXACT moment, as one soul is ejected, that exact same body can be possessed by a random ‘drive-by soul’ - or worse, it can be targeted by magicians who are part of the ILLUMINATI global network of Secret Societies...

By and large, the subject of the ILLUMINATI is not discussed by the mainstream and mostly banned from YouTube. Likewise, the survival of the soul after death is also suppressed on mainstream media - and so, because these are long-standing themes of David Lynch’s films, it takes a specialist uncensored TV network such as the Enigma Channel to fully investigate and appreciate the life work of America’s most fascinating film director…

Many people's interpretations of his movie MULLHOLLAND DRIVE is that DAVID LYNCH is exploring how the ILLUMINATI have influence over HOLLYWOOD.

An 'Illuminati' style cult, for example, in David Lynch’s excellent MULLHOLLAND DRIVE, have control over which starlet is pulled from the ghetto of Downtown L.A. and makes it into the rags-to-riches Hall of Fame…

In a new ONE HOUR TV SPECIAL, which features A.I. animations, the Weird Show team investigate the souls which wander through the hills of Hollywood, wandering the mountain roads and the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles… We see it through the camera lens of DAVID LYNCH, who uses this wonderful language called ‘CINEMA’…

We also showcase some of his collaborators at the David Lynch Foundation, and take a historical review of David Lynch’s best work since he made his first 16mm student film.

If you are interested in Transcendental Meditation, then David Lynch describes it in great graphic detail, and we also examine the influence of the occult in the plots of David Lynch’s films.

You will also get today’s weather forecast read by David!

In our new FALLEN ANGELS TV episodes on the Enigma Channel, we explain how Aztec history says the world was periodically destroyed and rebuilt by flying reptilian-humanoid gods.

Quetzalcoatl had a brother just like the Sumerian legends of Enlil and Enki - who were also depicted as feathered gods.

The brother of Quetzalcoatl commanded his jaguars to eat and absorb the DNA of humans - creating misfit ‘jaguar humanoids’.

Tezcatlipoca genetically engineered primitive monkey-men who look remarkably similar to the monkey god of India called HUNUMAN.

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Chichen Itza is famous for its Temple of Kukulcán, which was the local name for Quetzalcoatl. Quetzalcoatl could shape-shift from being a serpent to being humanoid. In fact, many aspects of this god suggest he was an AQUATIC HUMANOID with scales on his skin.

There were many shape-shifting gods in Mayan cosmology. Jade statues and masks were created which represent the moist, green scales on the skin of these 'gods'.

What we learn in the new Fallen Angels episodes and also my documentary film investigating the SERPENT KINGS, is that Mayan cosmology is remarkably similar to the Pyramid Texts of ancient Egypt which tell of a sacred mound of earth which emerged after the flood had been sent by god almighty in an attempt to kill the Fallen Angles and the satanic cannibal cults who worshipped the Fallen Angels. That sacred mound of earth is known to the Mayans as FLOWER MOUNTAIN.

ITZAMNA is another Mayan god who shape shifts between a human and a bird of prey/reptilian humanoid - exactly like we see in the depiction of the Anunnaki in ancient Iraq.

Birds evolved from and have the DNA of reptilians. Both Itzamna and Quetzlcoatl are associated with legends of them knowing how to manipulate DNA to create humans and weird creatures - just like the potters wheel on which PTHAH created a man from clay and ash...

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Unfortunately, Mayanologists in Mexico generally have not a clue about the Pyramid Texts, and so do not realise that the Mayan legends, the Pyramid Texts and the ancient Slavic and Ethiopian Books of Henok all tell similar histories and all have gods who can shape-shift and who are reptilian-amphibians.

Sir John Eric Sidney Thompson was a leading Mayanologist who correctly interpreted the name of the Mayan god Itzamna as "lizard house”… 'It' from It-zama is a root denoting sperm, semen and also sorcery - in other words, the god Itzamna comes from the LIZARD HOUSE OF SORCERY which uses magic - or technology, as we would call it today - to create humans and other creatures. This is an exact parallel of the history of the Anunnaki - who also had scaley reptilian or amphibian skin and also manipulated genetics.

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