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CRISPR GENE DRIVES the global plan to destroy you and your family

CRISPR GENE DRIVES are little bio-genetic 'machines' which are injected into people, they search out the DNA in every cell... Then  snip it, and then insert NEW DNA in the gap... 

For example, a CRISPR GENE DRIVE can be pre-programmed to snip out the part of the genome which tells cells to form eyeballs - and this means that all babies born to people who have been injected with the CRISPR GENE DRIVE will have no eyes - the genome will be passed on FOREVER - PLUS the really sick thing is that the CRISPR GENE DRIVES make themselves part of a person's DNA too - as if it is a secret unseen organ, and so the CRISPR GENE DRIVES are also reproduced... 

Guess who proposed a new 'MEDICAL FOUNDATION' with BILL GATES, researching CRISPR GENE TECHNOLOGY???

...Answer:  Mr Jeffrey Epstein

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CRISPR GENE DRIVE technology is a fundamentally new way to totally WRECK CREATION - and these CRISPR GENE DRIVES are now being injected into MOSQUITOS... 


Because billions of people get injected when a mosquito bites and thus the New World Order use mosquitos to 'vaccinate' us with these CRISPR GENE DRIVES. 

Thousands of CRISPR GENE DRIVE mosquitos were manufactured back in 2013 - they were made without public consent, nor public oversight...

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JEFFREY EPSTEIN was bank-rolling scientists involved in CRISPR GENE DRIVE development and wanted his brain and penis cryogenically frozen as a 'gift' to humanity - this is the typical 'Doctor Evil' megalomania seen in James Bond movies, with the Baddie stroking a white cat... Only - this isn't a movie - this is fucking real...

Epstein had a personal air force of planes packed with schoolgirl sex slaves which senior politicians of ISRAEL, tycoons, princes and dukes molested and abused whilst in international air space - thus avoiding the jurisdiction of the FBI & police...

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