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Cosmic Top Secret

Since way before the Apollo mission ever started, Astronauts were reporting UFOS.

GORDON COOPER is one of the greatest pioneers of Space - he was rocketed into orbit aboard the mercury 7 rocket. As soon as Gordon Cooper landed he wrote a letter to the Secretary General of the UNITED NATIONS clearly explaining that planet earth was being visited by alien UFOS.

 presents the most in-depth film ever made about the UFO phenomenon - and discovers that there is a WAR IN SPACE...

NASA astronaut, Gordon Copper, subsequently told the United Nations that fellow astronauts John Glenn and Scott Carpenter both saw UFOS in space. Some astronauts referred to them as ‘fireflies’ - other astronauts described them as ‘bogeys’.

Trouble is, the Secretary General of the United Nations was a NAZI - Mr KURT WALDHEIM - and one of the most important people in the DEEP STATE.

Kurt Waldheim was a NAZI war criminal - and the NAZIS had their own secret space program. Waldheim was an international ‘handler’ managing and suppressing and censoring activities of the United Nations on behalf of the Royal-Political DEEP STATE... 

And 'Flying Saucers' were already being studied at secret meetings of the 'Buckingham Palace Flying Saucer Research Group' in London...

You know, they say you should judge people by their actions - not their words… 


Kurt Waldheim hired Carl Sagan to make a gold plaque with pictures of a naked woman and a naked man and a star map showing aliens exactly how to find planet earth… 

They then spent billions of tax payers dollars and shot the gold plaque into deep space… 

Since then, there have been several ‘Galactic Broadcasts’ where data, computer code and even a song by the Beatles has been beamed billions of miles into outer space in an attempt to make contact with aliens…

Professor Stephen Hawkins criticised this approach and warned that aliens who came prowling in our atmosphere would likely be ‘predatory’…

And boy, was he 100% correct!

Kurt Waldheim and Carl Sagan created a solid gold long-playing record with messages in dozens of languages welcoming aliens to planet earth!

Ever since that gold plaque was sent into space, UFO activity on planet earth has gone off the scale.

CROP CIRCLE activity increased immensely, inspiring COLIN ANDREWS to invent the term “CROP CIRCLE” and to write two ground breaking books stuffed with photos of crop circle formations and weird small UFOS - one of which was nestled in the centre of a formation which it had just created!

COSMIC TOP SECRET is a film which shows you NASA & PENTAGON footage of masses of UFOS - in the THOUSAND - but also investigates the DEEP STATE.

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Small fast flying spherical UFOS filmed by U.S. Navy Pilots in 2014 are also flying around on the Lunar surface.

COSMIC TOP SECRET has UFO footage from the MOON filmed by NASA astronauts - proving that NASA have known about this invasion for 60 years or more...

Even before Apollo astronauts had supposedly stepped foot on the moon - bright spherical UFOS were filmed from the Apollo Command Module flying in and out of craters on the moon!

One UFO even flew right over an astronauts head during Apollo 17’s mission to the lunar surface.

The official explanation is that it is a piece of styrofoam which exploded and then blew away in the wind - wind - that is - that does NOT exist on the lunar surface because the Moon has hardly no atmosphere!

And that is just the start of a two hour documentary film now streaming on the Enigma Channel. 

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"COSMIC TOP SECRET has dozens of HD quality daylight clips which prove that there is a WAR IN SPACE... Plus official NASA and SPACEX footage of UFOS...

And it is very clear from NASA's own cameras that we - the people of earth - who have been dragged into this war by the DEEP STATE - are out-numbered and LOSING THIS WAR IN SPACE!"

            ~ CHRIS EVERARD

Not on YouTube. Not on Netflix. Not on SkyHD.

COSMIC TOP SECRET features the best, clearest daylight HD footage of UFOS ever filmed.

COSMIC TOP SECRET has dozens of clips filmed by NASA using Ultra Violet Spectrum cameras which reveal a staggering number of UFOS - in one frame from NASA’s cameras there are at least 1,000 UFOS rising from the earth’s atmosphere and shooting into space.

COSMIC TOP SECRET is thoroughly researched, with official NASA footage now upscaled and expertly analysed by CHRIS EVERARD.

COSMIC TOP SECRET is a two hour film - part one is already streaming right now.

Part Two starts streaming later this week. Don't miss this one.

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