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Chris Everard's new film banned by FakeBook

In July 2016, the official journal of the American academy of paediatrics concluded that the administration of IIV3 influenza vaccine on the same day as either PCV or a DTaP-containing vaccine triggered a greater risk of Febrile Seizures…

Looked at individually, vaccine ingredients look harmless - but when injected in multiple combinations, they trigger seizures leading to brain damage, acute non-stop pain, autism and death…

But Facebook blocked Chris Everard from telling the Enigma Channel's 20,000 followers on FakeBook!

CHRIS EVERARD'S new film proves that HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people are walking around carrying a CANCER VIRUS which is 1000% more deadly than CORONAVIRUS... But no one is racing to find the CURE...

Right now, today, in the 21st century there is a global rise in CHILDHOOD CANCER - and these tumours contain the SV40 virus which triggers cancer… 

This cancer virus jumped from MONKEYS to HUMANS when it was injected into ONE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE back in the 1960s…

Yes - it was injected into 100m people in the 1960s and has been hereditarily passed on to the children of today…

You can catch SV40 cancer virus from breathing-in someone else’s sneeze… But how come the mainstream media say NOTHING about the SV40 cancer virus?

Why is BILL GATES not scrambling to make a vaccine for the SV40 cancer virus?

Why is it not even mentioned on YouTube?

SCAMDEMIC exposes the MEDICAL MAFIA - watch it now - log-in here and click our NEW TV SHOWS category to start watching this in-depth film directed by CHRIS EVERARD

Many drugs made by many different drug companies have caused millions of side-effects and deaths… Many of the drugs have the same effect - they turn people into crazy zombies and make people want to KILL…

SCAMDEMIC also shows the astonishing evidence that a CANCER WAVE around the world has been triggered by a VACCINE!

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