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You have to get well, you have a mission to create fantastic work and wake people up. We need you Chris!

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Penelope Harms

How did you wind up in Frankenstein's lab? Chris get well and out of there as soon as you can... there are other doctors and facilities that will be much better. Can't lose you !!

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Please i dont understand what happened regarding you being a target to being Absent from your family and friends and being Mentally tortured against your will or is this aliens doing this!!! I understand the dangers of your work and getting the truth out there to us all over the Globe.. This really really frightens me..Jacqueline from clapham Junction london.

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long time since our meeting, St Paul's Cathedral, was it not? why are you telling us about this? thanks for everything to date wishing you a successful recovery, send me an email... I know you are non stop busy, make time for yourself and drop us a line with love

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Who did this to you and how did they abduct you? How did you escape? Sounds very strange without the detail Chris.

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Daniel McElreavy

Ya! Sounds like a dramatic bullshit story. Who exactly abducted you, Chris? Sounds like you went to a surgeon voluntarily, if any of this is real. Do you expect your followers to believe everything you say with zero evidence? Did you sue them? Is this a big story? Maybe it's real, but it does not present well. Please provide some details!

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