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CHEMTRAILS and Bio-Weapons - what the mainstream dare not tell you

The Enigma Channel acquires Nazi files which prove that CHEMTRAILS were developed for Hitler - yes, designed to spray British people and other enemies with a virus engineered in Nazi labs which triggers CANCER...

...This virus was the brain child of a Nazi scientist who was then employed by the USA's Chemical Warfare department under the management of George W Merck... Merck's family not only controlled the USA's bio-weapon labs but Merck's family firm had also manufactured powerful amphetimines for Hitler...

It is Merck's vaccines which have now come under fire by ROBERT KENNEDY Jnr... Welcome to the world of Nazi Double Agents and welcome to the world of experimental vaccines... Welcome in insider information which has never been on film before...

The ENIGMA CHANNEL'S 'Medical Mafia' TV series investigates how Nazis developed CHEMTRAILS in order to make large numbers of people sick - they then developed VACCINES which were said to cure the sickness, but were actually laced with poison. Those companies are STILL IN BUSINESS TODAY and are cooking up a 'Coronavirus vaccine' using your tax dollars!

Kurt Blome is a Nazi war criminal airbrushed out of history - until now...

Blome's trial was cancelled when fellow Nazi double agents at the Biological warfare division, which had been headed up by the American boss of Merck, offered nazi Kurt Blome a plush job and a fat pay check courtesy of the American tax payer...

From then onwards, Kurt Blome - a man who had invented CHEMTRAILING of BEUBONIC PLAGUE for Hitler - was a U.S. citizen living in style and luxury... And his main qualification was engineering MOSQUITOS in the laboratory which would bite unwitting victims and inject them with a virus which triggers cancer.

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Kurt Blome lived many years and only died in 1969 - he saw his aerosol CHEMTRAIL technology being used to spray defoliant during the Viet Nam war and also lived to see cancer rates soar world wide.

Kurt Blome is one of the most evil people to have ever lived and has been airbrushed out of history... Until the ENIGMA CHANNEL acquired Nazi files - Kurt Blome is featured in our new MEDICAL MAFIA episode which is streaming right now...

The Enigma Channel's MEDICAL MAFIA TV series goes way deeper than anything you'll ever find on YouTube or Netflix - we show you how the VACCINE SCAM was first started with experimental horrific experiments on children by Dr Joseph Mengele

Today's new MEDICAL MAFIA episode investigates Kurt Blome who is probably the world’s biggest Nazi MASS MURDERER - he deliberately poisoned people with plague, cholera, anthrax, and typhoid - sprayed from airplanes - and then got a top job with the Pentagon!

Blome infected prisoners with plague in order to test the efficacy of new experimental vaccines.

Kurt Blome is the godfather of the FAKE VACCINE SCAM which would become a multi-trillion dollar business following World War II - this is where a disease is injectedorspreadinCHEMTRAILSand then a ‘miracle vaccine’’ is offered [ which is usually not really a vaccine but yet again filled with poisons].

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