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Carbon C60, Turmeric and Everlasting Health

CARBON C60 is the WONDER MOLECULE which is able to repair the TELOMERES in Human DNA.

The shortening of telomeres causes ageing... And somehow, ancient CULTS knew which foods to eat so that Carbon C60 could be absorbed into the blood...

CHRIS EVERARD investigates how mice in a laboratory lived THREE TIMES LONGER [in fact they are still alive] by eating Carbon C60, olive oil and turmeric... Which is an ancient recipe...

Chris Everard's book STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA also explains how Carbon C60 was extracted from CROCODILE FAT in the ancient world... 

This fat was reserved for Jewish mystic-kings called 'Messiahs'...

CHRIS EVERARD investigates the cultures which are banned from mainstream media. He discovers that WRITING was discovered long before the Babylonian & Sumerian Hebrews claim it was, and that AERODYNAMICS were studied by the ABORIGINE people of Australia, who were visited and even traded with the Pharaohs! This book and this film is not full of wild conjecture, nor is it full of questions - STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA shows you the FORBIDDEN HISTORY denied to you and your family since you were a child.

THE HOLY GRAIL wasn't a thing - it was a set of TEACHINGS - and those teachings were triggered by HALLUCINOGENIC MUSHROOMS... Which went on to inspire the birth of Christianity and 'Mushroom Cults' in Mexico, Belize, Honduras and north Africa.Stone Age Psychedelia is a massive book weighing a kilo with full colour photos and a two hour film. There are no hidden postage charges. Click here to order from GumRoad books

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA gathers the latest evidence from archaeological sites around the world. We discover that Neanderthals were LIVING AMONG US - and did not die out before modern mankind evolved. 

Neanderthals had GARDENS filled with plants which they used to HEAL eachother… 

And some of those plants were 'sacred' because they had hallucinogenic effects...

But we also learn that Neanderthals were BLOOD DRINKERS and CANNIBALS - and we enter a 42,000 year old Neanderthal temple constructed with stalactites which resemble the MALE PHALLUS!

But that’s just the start of an amazing roller-coaster ride into previously unknown facts about the stone-age… CHRIS EVERARD goes on to explain how neanderthals performed advanced surgery on eachother and drilled mysterious holes into eachother’s skulls to attain a ‘permanent high’…

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA is a 518page book and a 2hour film. 

The book is fully illustrated and the documentary film is tucked into your book package on two HD DVD data discs which can be read by any popular video-player app.

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