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Can you handle the ultimate HIGH?

The High Priests of the ancient world were exactly that; High - high on hallucinogens so powerful, and taken over such long periods of history, that these psychedelic compounds very probably are responsible for making mankind’s brain very big.

You don’t need a dealer, you don’t need to fly to Amsterdam, you don’t even need to use a needle, nor even a snorting mirror - Mother Nature has provided us with the most powerful psychedelic experiences... Courtesy of the common TOAD!

Old mother and her giant psychedelic toads...

Yes, one such mind bending compound is found oozing from an ugly toad which hops amongst the peyote cactus in southern California and northern Mexico - in fact these psychedelic toads are all over the world - including Egypt - they call this drug ‘Toad Crack’.

Toad Crack is very strong, no I mean, did I say ‘strong’… Listen, compared to normal street Crack it’s like comparing a bicycle with one wheel to a Lotus Grand Prix car - the Toad Crack is not just a ‘drug experience’ - it makes you shrivel into a foetus position, makes you remember lost memories from your childhood before you could speak, and then you DIE…. DIE, you see... Thankfully, once this filthy stuff has cleared from your main arteries, you are RE-BORN… TOAD CRACK is probably the first 'religious experience' stone age man ever had...

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