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C-19 News update from CHRIS EVERARD

DID YOU KNOW that 23 elderly people died in Norway following their vaccinations?

The BBC never mention it. 

But just this week, German scientists forced the British vaccine supplies to be halted due to concerns that the British vaccine supply has not passed Germany's safety tests...


That a British lady who posted a video of an EMPTY HOSPITAL on Social Media was arrested by the cops?

What possible 'crime' did she commit?

Did you know that 10,000 people in AUSTRIA have marched on the government and demanded that the Austrian economy returns to normal?

DID YOU KNOW that official statistics of DEATHS FROM COVID in China - published by GOOGLE - say that only FIVE THOUSAND people have died in the whole of CHINA from Coronavirus!

Meanwhile, more than ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND deaths are reported by the BBC in the United Kingdom!

70% of elderly people had FLU SHOTS in December 2019… 

Today, just a few months later, 70% of British CoronaVirus deaths are people aged 70 or over...

Yes, the EXACT SAME PEOPLE who got the 2019-2020 winter flu shot all developed Covid19 symptoms and many are now dead…

...But that was just the FIRST WAVE...

The Mainstream Media are now predicting 'COVID WAVE 3' and sending millions of letters to parents urging them to stick SWABS down their child's throats...

Problem is... Those swabs ARE ALREADY CONTAMINATED... And the mainstream media have told you NOTHING about it...

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In Britain, special leaflets written to convince a child that it is ok to have SWABS supplied by the government inserted into the child’s throat have been posted through millions of letterboxes along with a letter from an organisation called IPSOS MORI…


Every child assigned a number. Just like NAZI Germany. Every person forced BY LAW to wear a mask - with a $5000 dollar fine in Germany if you do not wear a mask…

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