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If you thought our new 'ECO-TECTURE' TV series was about just bamboo houses - you’re wrong. 

The Eco-tecture TV series covers everything you need to know about building a home simply and cheaply using ecological methods and a construction team of JUST YOU.

Our latest episode even tells you how to beat the FREEMASONS at your local Planning Department!

Planning Permission for a piece of land is like PRINTING MONEY. As soon as planning is granted for a house on a disused chunk of land, that land’s value can go up by as much as 1000%. In fact you can sell the land with the planning permission and make a profit without spending a penny on building materials.

This is how BANKS, ESTATE AGENTS and MAYORS make money. So they don’t like OUTSIDERS - that’s YOU - coming along and trying to build on land which they want to make profits from.

Therefore, planning permission departments lie and try and look as if they support ECO-FRIENDLY building projects. But the reality is they will REFUSE most applications.

To get round this problem you need to make drawings and 3D models of your project and promote how wonderfully ecological it is to the PRESS, local media, local radio and SHAME the Mayor into giving you permission.

Either that or you become a freemason and get planning permission like that!

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Part two in our House-building TV Special will show you how to use bamboo and AMAZON PACKAGING to construct well-insulated house based on the world's oldest architectural form: THE IGLOO

Domes and Igloos are self-supporting structures which can be constructed by people with no carpentry skills.

Our ECO-TECTURE TV series explores how STYROFOAM FROM THE TRASH can be combined with BAMBOO and HEMP-CRETE to create some of the world's most beautiful homes.



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