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Break through the 'veil'

Hallucinogenic plants and mushrooms were not just collected and eaten in the ancient world... 

They were worshipped!

Ancient people worshipped mushrooms not because they were hallucinogenic - but because they were the 'key' to unlock a doorway through which you can walk and explore the landscape of your mind...

Journeying through this inner landscape is considered to be an important development stage in your life by Shamans of the Amazon...

Waiting for you on the other side of the 'veil' which divides Reality from the SpiritWorld are strange humanoid creatures...

CHRIS EVERARD investigates statues of magic mushrooms which were placed in the rain forest by the forefathers of the Inca & Mayans.

Yes, magic mushrooms were worshipped… Not just for being a food source. But for being the gateway to a reality which enhanced and telepathically fused our forefathers with an invisible realm of spirits.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms, plants, saps, roots, weeds, seeds and cacti were so valued that they were for the Magi drug peddlers of the ancient near East a currency.

A money so precious. A treasure so great. Owning a bag of henbane seeds, or a clutch of dried psychedelic mushrooms was as good as owning a bag of cash and a winning lottery ticket is today!

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA by CHRIS EVERARD investigates the history of hallucinogenic herbs and magical ritual which has been CENSORED for thousands of years…

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA is a 518 page mega-book with 150 diagrams, maps and photos plus a full colour chapter with photos from Chris Everard’s expeditions to Egypt, Ireland, Spain and many other countries.

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