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Blood cults of the illuminati

All over planet earth, more than ONE MILLION children vanish every year.

Overall, if we include adults in the statistics, then each year TWO MILLION PEOPLE vanish.

In most cases, no active police investigation is underway.  Yes, thousands of police officers every day hand out speeding tickets, whilst a giant, unreported crime is taking place - literally millions upon millions of people are disappearing without trace - no bodies found… And the police say and do - in many cases - nothing.

In 2020, the highest number of missing children were aged 15 to 17.

And it is this age group - teenagers - whose blood is being used in products which are sold to the wealthy elite.

Human blood, and ADRENOCHROME are international industrialised businesses - Adrenochrome can be ordered and delivered as a powder - that’s powdered blood - to your door, direct from China.

In Latin America, crime syndicates have been reported by police for trafficking truck loads of children. The lucky ones are used as cheap labour on drug farms - the unlucky ones are terrorised in dungeons so that adrenochrome levels and adrenaline levels are high in their blood - which is then extracted and trafficked to cult members.

What happens to the rest of the body?  In CHRIS EVERARD’s investigation, he discovers that HUMAN DNA has been found in fast-food burger bars, and that mysterious photos emerged on Twitter from people allegedly installing a stainless steel ‘dungeon’ possibly located beneath the floor of a fashionable Pizzeria in Washington DC…

The mainstream media rarely mention these torture dungeons and rarely mention the videos of the children being tortured which are known as ‘snuff movies’ on the DARK WEB. Chris Everard reveals in his new film series THE REAL DRACULA that we are dealing with an international ring of pharmaceutical and underground businesses who are making millions from the sale of POWDERED and LIQUID BLOOD products.

This is the first ever documentary investigation into a massive crime wave in selling the adrenochrome-rich blood of missing children… But that’s just the start of our film series THE REAL DRACULA…

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In a new multi-part film series on the Enigma Channel, CHRIS EVERARD investigates the INDUSTRIALIZATION of human blood, which is now being sold to rich people and celebrities - some of whom are drinking each others blood.

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