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Baghdad Batteries stolen

This week coming we launch a new season of our TV series SECRET SCIENCE...

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Perhaps the reason so many people found SCIENCE CLASS at school was BORING...  

is because all the ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY has been CENSORED...?

SECRET SCIENCE is a TV series proving that clockwork mechanisms, electricity, steam locomotion, magnetics and many other technologies were known about in the ancient world...

Sir William Crookes, who was president of the London Society for Psychical Research and affiliated fellow of the Golden Dawn secret society [whose members included Bram Stoker and Aleister Crowley], actually devised various apparatus which conclusively proved that there is an invisible subtle matter which ‘fills the gaps’ between all molecules and greater atoms - known as the 'ether'.

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Crookes is famous for the discovery and categorisation of the fourth state of matter which he called 'Plasma'. 

Crookes dedicated his entire life to discovering and validating the existence of subtle, virtually invisible forces, and his fascination with ectoplasm led him into a romantic affair with a psychic lady in London...

He was the greatest scientist of his day and he passionate believed in SPIRITS...

When spirits are summoned, they descend through denser and denser planes of the ether until eventually they manifest on the physical plane and usually require a Medium - a person with telepathic, psychic skills - to vocalize their communications...

Welcome to the world of spiritualism, welcome to the world of ectoplasm... Welcome to the ENIGMA CHANNEL...

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THE ENIGMA CHANNEL has 20 years’ worth of films and TV shows in our massive archive - we’re the first, and biggest global channel investigating ancient history, covert politics, cults, the occult and many other subjects.

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