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Anunnaki gods and the sorcerers of satan

The Arabian occultist Gurdjieff, heard a boy’s scream. He saw a Yazidi boy trapped inside a magic circle drawn on the ground. The Yazidis are a race of magicians, who migrated from India towards Mount Ararat, the final resting place of Noah’s Ark… Gurdjieff asked the boys who had drawn the circle what was going on. They told him that when you put a Yazidi inside of a circle, they cannot get out. Like a demon, they become trapped inside the psychic barrier of the magic circle…

Yazidis have a reputation for being magicians, and their secret religious books have been accused by Rabbis & Muslims of teaching that SATAN was the brother of Jesus, disguised as a peacock - they are natural magicians, shamans, and their magical knowledge is studied by satanists amongst the global network of secret societies...

Now if I told you that the POPE flew his plane to Greece, airlifted a bunch of hand-picked children back to the Vatican and they then disappeared never to be seen again, would you believe me? How about this; these were no ordinary kids - they were Yazidis who are known in the Arabian folk histories of Iraq as ’The Wizards of Satan’… My book THE FACE OF GOD is about the Yazidi magicians and sorcerers, and their in-depth knowledge about Lucifer and the true nature of GOD ALMIGHTY…

To avoid persecution, the Yazidi priesthood have formulated a fake set of beliefs and also emigrated to Syria, where they keep their true beliefs protected - only handing down knowledge of spirits and gods by way of word of mouth. As a result, Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Cameron, NATO & Buckingham Palace have bombed Syria - they even armed assassins from Al Quaeda and ISIS who have been financed to go on killing sprees in Syria. Nearly every Syrian and Iraqi military operation is aimed at eradicating Yazidi culture. This and much more is investigated in CHRIS EVERARD'S digital book THE FACE OF GOD....

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In 2013, Buckingham Palace chipped-in by paying British firms to manufacture fluoride which was weaponized into ‘chemical weapons’ and then exported to Syria with the green light approval of the Department of Trade & Industry. The main aim, of course, is to kill the Yazidi people, and therefore leave their ancient texts and knowledge of demon evocation in the hands of the European royal elite and Pentagon. Yazidi communities in Syria live primarily in two regions; Al-Jazira & Kurd-Dagh.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg which I cover in my digital book THE FACE OF GOD…

In this digital book, we investigate secret cults who have had long-term psychic contact with angels, spirits, demons and, yes, even entities which have described themselves as a ‘god’. For cults like this, ‘God‘ is no longer a mystery. Most of these Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods have pretty concrete ideas about who/what God is and also have a handle on what Lucifer/Satan and many other spiritual entities actually look like… However, for Mr & Mrs Normal living in Everyday Street, knowledge of what God looked like is a complete mystery - they have no idea - not because ordinary folk are stupid - but because this knowledge has been deliberately kept under lock and key in museums which - wait for it - are funded by the TAXES which folk pay every day!

THE FACE OF GOD goes on to investigate Kings & Queens who have always hired magicians and psychics who can relay messages from the spirit world. During telepathically entranced seances, magicians, soothsayers, prophets and wizards would allow images of the spirit world to be ‘projected‘ onto their mind’s eye...

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This digital book brings you the latest news on archaeological excavations and museum exhibits which prove that the ANUNNAKI [sometimes also known as the ARCHONS, or OGDOAD] were worshipped in the ancient world...

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