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Amphibious-Serpent humanoids

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Yes, the ENIGMA CHANNEL has got something very special for you.

Sit back and enjoy our mini-series INDIA AND THE PHARAOHS...

It’s available in our NEW TV SHOWS section on the main Enigma Channel website. 

Chris Everard presents a new TV series on the ENIGMA CHANNEL investigating the anti-cancer pills made from GEMSTONES, and the legendary SNAKE STONES which are extracted from the skin of snakes and used in magical rituals...

This new series takes you on a roller-coaster ride around Egypt and India, and is the first ever series of films to show that many of the gods seen in Egypt have identical counterparts in India...

In fact, we show you that the blue-green skinned gods such as Shiva and Osiris are descended from Amphibious-Serpent humanoids and that several kings, queens and dukes in today’s world are members of the BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE whose roots date back to the magic, telepathy and ancient technology recorded in Sanskrit histories such as the Ramayana...

INDIA AND THE PHARAOHS is an epic TV series. Watch Episode One now.


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