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Amphibian gods of the Aztecs and Mayans

The names of the Fallen Angels are Moloch, Chemosh, Dagon, Belial, Beelzebub and Satan himself… But there are hundreds of others…

This week, the Enigma Channel team investigate the Mayans, Olmecs and Aztecs - and discover that their gods have a great resemblance to the Anunnaki of ancient Iraq!

The Enigma Channel invests every penny from its subscribers into making professional documentary films about subjects that are routinely banned and censored on YouTube and the mainstream media.

The legacy of alien-demonic Frankenstein beasts and humanoids created by the FALLEN ANGELS sure does go a long way to explain the statues of bizarre creatures and ‘gods’ which fill the world’s museums...

CHRIS EVERARD presents the FALLEN ANGELS TV Special on the Enigma Channel...

Over the next few episodes, we focus attention on an international CULT OF PAZUZU which built temples in the Mayan jungles of Mexico and on the other side of planet earth in Indonesia.

This is fresh, corroborated archaeological research. 

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Official NASA satellites have filmed not one - but two - planet-sized objects which attached themselves to the Sun for 24-hours...

THE BLACK SUN is an important Illuminati theory - is this what NASA cameras caught on film...?

'HOW TO RIG AN ELECTION' is a new documentary by Chris Everard which investigates the roots of the KKK and the Biden campaign... The man who the mainstream media wants to be president was mentored on Capitol Hill by a high-ranking Klansman...

'HOW TO RIG AN ELECTION' is a new documentary by Chris Everard which investigates the roots of the KKK and Joke Biden

The only qualification the Obamas had for becoming the new bosses of the Weinstein company was allowing their teenage daughter to be alone in an office with Harvey Weinstein...!

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They were in good company - because Harvey Weinstein and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein were guests of honour at a party to celebrate the birthday of another young girl - this time the daughter of Prince Andrew…

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Why would Hillary & Obama use a pizza parlour to host fund-raisers for the Democrats that had painted murals of naked witches and decapitated people on the walls?

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Still to this day, not a single TV channel nor YouTube has dared to investigate the Frankenstein CRISPR genetics funded by Epstein - watch it now - exclusively on The Enigma Channel

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