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American Revolution - a new film by Chris Everard

Benjamin Franklin was a puppet of the British crown. Franklin was friends with British aristocratic slave owners such as Sir Arthur Dashwood, who became a prominent British politician, and Franklin became one of the Founding Fathers - Franklin appears on the $100 dollar bill and has a huge monument built in his honour in Washington DC. 

Franklin was posed with the task of staging a fake AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Franklin’s task was to deceive the American people into believing that after the Revolution, the USA would no longer be paying taxes to the British Crown.

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To make the Revolution look convincing, the Bill of Rights and Constitution allowed members of the public to carry guns and shoot on sight any tyrannical government army who challenges the ‘freedom’ of America.

What really happened is that a Judeo-Babylon Masonic clique which included George Washington, was set-up as a fake American government, which supposedly served the people. What really happened was that nearly every president has been since the Revolution a puppet of Buckingham Palace. A Hebrew-Masonic mafia have controlled the Senate and Congress ever since. Trillions of American tax dollars have been sent to ISRAEL, the American dollar was filled with symbols from Freemasonry and the Bavarian Illuminati, and the standard of living for most Americans - apart from a brief period in the 1950s and 1960s - has been deteriorating.

Founding Fathers supposedly pioneered the anti-slavery movement - but right up until 1963, black people were still not allowed to sit next to white people on busses!

AMERICAN REVOLUTION takes you deep inside the CAPITOL CITADEL which was set-up by Masonic Witches and members of the Bavarian Illuminati. This film covers the TRUMP YEARS and delves deeper into PIZZAGATE than ever before.

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