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All of them Witches - TV series

CASTLE FRANKENSTEIN is a real place.

It housed Europe’s biggest Bio-Alchemical Laboratory - mixing occult witch spells with chemistry & metallurgy from Arabian Jewish magicians.

Johann Conrad Dippel was born at the castle. He spliced together the bodies of dead animals & humans, creating bestial humanoids.

He was just one of many hundreds of aristocratic Witches...

Get ready to go deeply into the witch covens of the aristocracy and royals...

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Witches have existed since way before the Holy Bible was published.

In 2800 BC, Witches were expelled from Egypt and India.

They made their way to Europe.

In the year 1066, Jewish witches & fortune-tellers flooded across the English Channel from Normandy and entered Britain for the first time...

CHRIS EVERARD investigates the WITCHES at the top of international banking, royalty and commerce...

We kick off with Episode One investigating the KNIGHTS OF THE GARTER - Britain’s most senior royal witch coven - and also take a look at the Vatican and the SOVEREIGN MILITARY ORDER OF THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA...

But our TV series goes way deeper...  We examine the WAR which has been raging between covens of Royal Witches for centuries - a war which is known as the WAR OF THE ROSES but is actually a WAR OF WITCHES.

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