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Aleister Crowley inside the Great Pyramid

All around planet earth, an evil network of secret societies traffic children, perform cannibal rituals and use ancient Judeo-Satanic mystic books called GRIMOIRES to summon demons. 

Many pacts are signed in blood with the demons. The most notorious of these grimoire books is the GOETIA which lists 72 primary demons of hell. They are the Quilipoth ‘husks’ - mutant mistakes from the time of creation which haunt people’s homes and can even possess and take over a human body. 

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Each of these 72 demons control legions of lesser demons - and each has a certain proclivity for causing headaches, fatigue, tiredness, gluttony, confusion, colds and flu, cancer, and other debilitating disease. Millions of people are either possessed or partially possessed by these demons, who enter the human body at times of weakness, or during drug taking sessions, or when a person opens a portal such as when they experiment with a ouija board.

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For the Anasazi, Hopi, Apache and the Navajo, sacred mountains define the boundaries between the spirit world and physical world... Their forefathers left us ancient ROCK ART which clearly shows extraterrestrials, strange alien craft & genetic mutants - watch our new SECRET SPACE film alongside our STAR GODS movie to understand that planet earth has been INVADED BY UFOS for many thousands of years. 

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