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A very big thank you to you

I'd like to say thank you to all the Enigma Channel viewers around the world for making the Enigma Channel the biggest and most widely watched independent online documentary TV network in the world.

I have been busy making a new summer season of documentary films and TV shows... They start this week...

Your loyalty has enabled us to develop a 100% INDEPENDENT GLOBAL TV NETWORK!

My new film will be streaming later this week - it investigates the massive CO2 and SULPHUR poisoning of Barbados and St Vincent islands, and also investigates how CANNIBALS came to worship PRINCE PHILIP. 

As usual, we go deep into history and show the GENOCIDE OF FIRST NATIONS PEOPLE and what it is really like living as a poor person in the Royal British Commonwealth...

My new film investigates the toxic fallout from volcanoes and how Prince Charles has become a King of CANNIBALS!


There has been a vast GLOBAL AWAKENING...  Many people are claiming that the 'DEEP STATE' have WEAPONIZED THE INTERNET.

People are now complaining on web forums that even Google's browser is failing to play YouTube clips - which is amazing, considering that Google own YouTube [see below]!

GROUPS on FakeBook have also been massively changed, with people reporting to us that the SHARE FUNCTIONS are now mostly disabled.

These measures have frustrated myself and many users, with many people expressing their opinion that this is to dampen down the public's FREE SPEECH on subjects like vaccine injuries and other subjects which we investigate in our documentary films.

VAST NUMBERS OF ONLINE VIDEO CLIPS HAVE BEEN DELETED - but don't worry - the Enigma Channel has developed a GOLD ACCOUNT which allows all loyal subscribers with 3 years of membership to submit video clip URLS which can be UPLOADED to our new service.

Many of our viewers have archived rare and hard-to-find online video clips which will be available to all our GOLD ACCOUNTS - it's our way of saying THANK YOU to all our loyal viewers - and it also ensures that rare clips will be protected and saved from the ravages of the current clampdown on Freedom of Speech.

What on earth is happening with CHROME and WINDOWS 10???

As I am sure a lot of PC users have noticed, blogs and forums are filling up with people complaining about VIDEO STREAMS not playing and even YOUTUBE FAILING TO PLAY WITH SOUND - or, indeed, failing to play after WINDOWS has been updated.

We have a technical guru on hand 24-7 who can help you with video settings.

Vast numbers of people on YouTube and on Social Media are complaining about Windows10, YouTube, Chrome and Internet Explorer failing to play video streams.

The Enigma Channel team have been TESTING BROWSERS, and we can help you...

New Browsers:

Browser designers are helping us keep independent investigative film making alive.

Vivaldi, Opera, Duck-duck-go and innovative VPN technologies are all being developed to counteract what Tim Berners Lee describes as the 'Weaponization of the Internet'.

For Android, Mac & PC viewers:

Why not try the new VIVALDI browser: The new Vivaldi Browser plays our TV shows on Mac & PC and lets you post direct to Instagram from your desktop

Vivaldi Browser has a 'Cookie Crumbler' which blocks pop-ups that constantly ask your consent for cookies. Get Vivaldi for Windows, macOS and Android. 

Get Vivaldi browser here:

For Windows and LINUX viewers:

The Pale Moon Browser plays our TV shows great on LINUX

Get Pale Moon browser here:

For Mac users:

M1 64-bit SAFARI and all modern Apple devices work great with our video streams. UPDATE your Mac OSX if you have problems.

For OLD Macs:

We recommend trying Safari with MAVERICKS OSX or try Vivaldi Browser [old 32bit apps & devices are now not supported by Apple]. OSX Tiger, Panther, Sierra, High Sierra and earlier are likely not to play our streams - but give it a try!

Have you watched our latest 2-part 2 hour TV Special called THE SCOTTISH FUKUSHIMA? We welcome your comments and reviews.

We plough every penny back into making TV shows and films which are the perfect antidote to the brain-numbing banality of the mainstream media. What other TV station dedicates an entire TV series to exposing Luciferian witch cults, grimoires and the Goetia?

Sign up using our GumRoad membership service:

The Enigma Channel has more than ninety 5-star reviews on the GumRoad main page!

Bookmark our Log-in now:

The Enigma Channel is more than just a TV network - we are developing WIMHURST MACHINES, and also developing SEA-WATER BATTERIES and other technologies which you can see in our HERETICS TV series.

We welcome suggestions for new TV shows and your feedback on our TV shows.

Please help other people to awaken - tell them about the Enigma Channel today!

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