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A thousand UFOS filmed by NASA all in one clip

Even before Apollo astronauts had supposedly stepped foot on the moon - bright spherical UFOS were filmed from the Command Module flying in and out of craters on the moon!

One UFO even flew right over an astronauts head during Apollo 17’s mission to the lunar surface.

The official explanation is that it is a piece of styrofoam which exploded and then blew away in the wind - wind - that is - that does NOT exist on the lunar surface because the Moon has hardly no atmosphere!


It features dozens of HD quality daylight clips which prove that there is a WAR IN SPACE.

There are dozens of clips filmed by NASA using Ultra Violet Spectrum cameras which reveal a staggering number of UFOS - in one frame from NASA’s cameras there are at least 1,000 UFOS rising from the earth’s atmosphere and shooting into space.

COSMIC TOP SECRET is thoroughly researched, with official NASA footage now upscaled and expertly analysed by CHRIS EVERARD.

COSMIC TOP SECRET is a two hour film - Parts One and Two are now streaming.

COSMIC TOP SECRET is the first and only film to investigate 'DISEASE X' - no mainstream media and no YouTubers dare mention it...  While you have been diverted with Coronavirus, a new disease has spread across the world...


COSMIC TOP SECRET has the best, clearest footage of UFOS ever seen on film...

...But this new film is about far more than just UFOS...

COSMIC TOP SECRET proves that there is a WAR IN SPACE.

This war has been going on for DECADES.

No wonder President Trump started SPACE FORCE as soon as he had access to the Pentagon UFO files.

COSMIC TOP SECRET is an in-depth film which features excellent photographs of UFOS in CROP CIRCLES by British author COLIN ANDREWS.

Colin has collected a brilliant archive of excellent Crop Circle and related UFO data.

Colin invented the term 'Crop Circle'.

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