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A new global war

When Hitler seduced the Muftis to support his brand of fascism, he was surprised that the British had already bribed most politicians in the Middle East...

'Taliban’ means ‘STUDENT’. AL QUAEDA means ‘Excuse me I am sitting on the toilet!’ - together, these two organisations have been given millions of dollars in cash and arms by Ronald Reagan and then infiltrated by the CIA, NSA, MOSSAD, MI6 and any number of other Black-Ops ‘Embed Spies’...

Ever since the Russians attempted to steal Her Majesty’s opium crops in Afghanistan, way back in 1979, guerrilla warfare in the Afghan mountains has become an irksome way of life for Afghani villagers.

Opium has triggered THREE WARS between China and Britain - and it looks like this commodity, which has been signalled by the World Health Organisation as being responsible for the DEATH of millions of people, and the addiction of millions more to prescription over-the-counter OPIOID PILLS - will be the cause of yet another war. 

Yes, another opium war in Afghanistan.

These opium wars have a tendency to rupture the peace of entire regions very quickly - and NATO invests troops and battleships and stealth bombers because the potential profits from controlling opium crops are so high.

Opium just isn’t about making addictive, highly profitable products, but its also about covert war upon the lower working classes worldwide - by distributing opioid street drugs with new flashy names such as ‘FLASH’ or ‘DREAMCATCHER’ - and essentially destroying the lower working class neighbourhoods, breeding addicts, undermining ethnic minorities, and generally making a ton of Black Market cash which is then re-syphoned and re-funnelled back into other Black Ops projects of the Deep State.

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