MEET THE HITLERS digital book by Chris Everard

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An Ironic True History of WWII

digital book by CHRIS EVERARD

“Chris Everard’s new book is more than just about Hitler - it goes deeper into the Illuminati than any other book ever published. It is an untold EPIC HISTORY of World War II delivered with a lot of ironic humour!”
~ Hidden History blog

History has been blurred and slurred - we have been told that a Nordic blue eyed and blonde haired race would be Hitler’s perfect ‘model’ master-race. Was Hitler blonde? Was Himmler blonde? No. Obviously there is something very wrong with most of World War II's history...

  • Were the Princes, Dukes, Barons and Kaisers who financed and promoted Hitler 100% German? Nope. Some of them were British!

In fact, many royal houses of Europe had all inter-married with Italians, Jews, French, Spanish and many other races throughout history - and therefore this notion that only ‘pure-bred’ Germans, called ‘Aryans’ ran the Third Reich is an utter load of DISINFORMATION which has fooled otherwise intelligent authors and researchers for eight decades.

  • The irony is that the Third Reich’s major financiers - British Prince Charles-Edward Coburg and the Hessen princes - used royal crests festooned with Judaism’s emblems - the twin lions and the crown - taken directly from the velvet mantles which cover Jewish scripture scrolls in synagogues! These princes who became SS officers claim their ancestor is KING SOLOMON of old Israel!

In fact, more than half of the most influential officers of the Third Reich were Jews or had married Jews, or were partly Jewish! Hitler’s biggest financier traced his family heritage back 1,350 years to the family of King Solomon in ancient Israel!

But that's just the start of Chris Everard's digital book MEET THE HITLERS.

This book has an ironic, sarcastic, though 100% factual re-telling of WWII history, and explains how the European Union bosses today are actually the children of Nazis!

This is a book filled with ironic quirks of history - such as Heinrich Himmler‘s great-niece married an Israeli Jewish man and Adolf Hitler’s half-brother became a Rabbi and lived happily ever after in Israel!

The Duke of Edinburgh’s sisters married senior SS officers - and they too claim to be descended from King Solomon of ancient Israel!

MEET THE HITLERS: An Ironic True History of WWII

170 pages / 200+ illustrations, maps, diagrams and photos

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MEET THE HITLERS digital book by Chris Everard

8 ratings
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