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QUEEN VICTORIA gave a special medal to a man who brought her 20,000 ancient clay tablets which described how to summon evil demons.  Queen Victoria shipped all 20,000 tablets back to Britain, plus also brought an ENTIRE TEMPLE.  The clay tablets explain that Adam in the Garden of Eden married a female Demon called LILITH.  The tablets turn the Bible upside down, and claim that the Serpent in the Garden of Eden was kind and benevolent.  The tablets also contain PACTS with demons which live on the 'Dark Side' of the TREE OF LIFE in the Kabbalah...  

These ancient demons have been secretly worshipped by Hebrew Kabbalists for centuries, in ancient ceremonies involving sacrifice and blood.  CHRIS EVERARD investigates the 14th & 15th century 'blood libels' and identifies the  Jewish Royal Families of Europe and their relationship to magicians and serial killers accused of abducting and murdering children for their blood in order to 'please' these demons…  

"CHRIS EVERARD, has uncovered a giant network of Demon-worshippers who pretend to be Christians, or sometimes pretend to follow the teachings of Islam - but they are Satanists... And they run our governments!"

Why do all the World Leaders visit the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem?  Why is it that the Royal Families of Europe use emblems of DEMONS on their coins, flags and postage stamps?  The answer is revealed in 20,000 ancient clay tablets which now sit at the British Library in London:  At the heart of the Judeo-Babylonian religion there is a 'Dark Side' where demons, which are the alter-egos of Angels, are worshipped and summoned - this tradition inspired the DARK SIDE of the Tree of Life in Kabbalah.  Today, these Kabbalists have great influence over the mainstream media, governments and religions worldwide...

These demons are collectively described throughout history as the 'Anunaki', the 'Fallen Ones', or the 'Watchers' and are given royal rank in various ancient books of Black Magic called .  

British author, CHRIS EVERARD investigates an international network of Secret Societies who were formed by a man who was crowned 'King of the Jews' in the year 1666 - and he promoted the idea of killing, child rape, incest and prostitution - he became the 'MESSIAH OF EVIL', and his followers venerate these 'Anunaki' demons...

  • Chris Everard's new digital book unashamedly exposes a cruel, intrepid, cunning terrorist network which has brilliantly concealed itself from exposure since the 17th century. Even the most well-read 'conspiracy buffs' and the most dedicated researchers and authors will find new details and shocking digital book. 

             ~ Beyond The Veil Radio Show

is a digital book with nearly 150 pages and 180 illustrations and photographs.  It contains dozens and dozens and dozens of photographs, maps and documents from Chris Everard's archives and photographed at museums & libraries around the world. 

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Message from the Author:  Every page of this new digital book is fully illustrated.  No matter how many books you own about 'Conspiracy Theories', uncovers jaw-dropping corroborated evidence that many secret societies, the Vatican and many governments are controlled by a tiny elite of Judeo aristocrats and politicians who secretly worship these demons. This book is fully illustrated and is digitally delivered direct to you    You will receive your book immediately. Today. Full Text Zoom & Word Search. 

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