The Face of God: eBook by CHRIS EVERARD

Chris Everard - British author & Film maker
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Let’s start off with a really easy question: Who is GOD? Whoops a daisy - that's a question which the mainstream archaeology departments seem uninterested in answering! What does God look like? Is it a man, is it a woman? Is ‘GOD’ something else - like a trans-gender being - or an ALIEN? This is pretty typical of the kinds of questions someone searching for a religious experience might ask themselves - but regardless of whether you believe in God or not, why are museums stuffed with sculptures of strange humanoid-animal creatures which people worshipped?

For many thousands of years, various secret cults have had long-term psychic contact with angels, spirits, demons and, yes, even entities which have described themselves as a ‘god’. For cults like this, ‘God‘ is no longer a mystery. Most of these Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods have pretty concrete ideas about who/what God is and also have a handle on Lucifer/Satan and many other spiritual entities.

Kings & Queens have always hired magicians and psychics who can relay messages from the Spiritworld. During telepathically entranced seances, magicians, soothsayers, prophets and wizards would allow images of the spiritworld to be ‘projected‘ onto their mind’s eye. Gradually, a whole global industry opened up, with millions of figurines and masks being manufactured which became receptacles of Gods.

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This digital book brings you the latest news on archaeological excavations and museum exhibits which prove that the ANUNAKI [sometimes also known as the ARCHONS, or OGDOAD] were worshipped in the ancient world - and there is even evidence which suggests that they lived and roamed the face of our planet, with a specially designed temple for them at Abyddos in Egypt.

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  • Thank you to all my readers and viewers and listeners - without your continued donations and purchases and subscriptions, I would not be able to travel and investigate the most important ancient sites and make movies. I am very pleased with this new eBook, which is a kind of digital version of a 'coffee table' photographic/art-book, and it presents information and up-to-date news which is relevant to today's headlines. All the best, CHRIS
7 ratings
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The Face of God: eBook by CHRIS EVERARD

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