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PYRAMID POWER & the Satanic Conspiracy eBook by CHRIS EVERARD


a new digital book by CHRIS EVERARD
An investigation into a 2,000 year old Blood Cult which has hijacked the USA, UK & European Nations.

This is the sequel to Chris Everard's best-selling books 'The British Illuminati' and 'The Satanic Syndicate of Westminster'.  This new digital book takes us back more than 2,000 years to the establishment of a Blood Cult during the time of the Pharaohs.  This cult has continually existed, passing on secrets of Electricity and Psychic Technologies from one generation of Satanists to another.  This cult has emblazoned its symbols on the One Dollar Bill, and infiltrated the House of Lords, the White House and the Royal Families of Europe...

"British author, CHRIS EVERARD, has been on the trail of an international network of criminals and satanists who have hijacked and stalled Scientific Advancement. Chris presents evidence in his new book, that ELECTRICITY has been known about since the time of the Pharaohs - but was not publicly demonstrated until an evil Blood Cult had seeded it's members into influential positions within the UK and USA governments. This Blood Cult uses Psychic Technology & Propaganda to hold Mankind to ransom - and has murdered many millions through the engineering of wars and revolutions. This Psychic Technology was developed in ancient Egypt - and is based on harnessing the bio-electrical energy of human blood and harvesting electricity from the atmosphere. This secret was taught to high ranking initiates, which included Benjamin Franklin, Aleister Crowley and members of the House of Lords in the British Parliament. His new digital book reads at a fast-pace and for the first time presents photos, documents, letters and eye-witness testimonies which proves that the whole of Mankind has been duped by this global conspiracy…"

  • - CHRIS GEO, presenter of the Truth Frequency Radio Show 90.7FM Denver, Colorado

This new digital book is delivered instantaneously via email and is published in association with GumRoad. It contains dozens upon dozens of photos, lithographs and engravings - including a selection of photos taken by the author during expeditions to Egypt.

"I really enjoy discussing Egyptology and the technology of the Pharaohs with CHRIS EVERARD. He has investigated many aspects of ancient Egypt which deserve better attention"

  • - Mohammed Ibrahim, Author, Egyptologist & Khemitologist

"Every Muslim should read this book - it explains how technology and magic from ancient Egypt has been used as a weapon against Mankind - and has restricted the scientific development of our global economies".

  • - Farouk Abdul, Cairo Egyptological Survey & Glasgow University

Message from British author CHRIS EVERARD:

In 1752, Benjamin Franklin flew a kite during a thunderstorm and collected an electrical charge in a Leyden jar, which Franklin harvested from a lightning bolt.

Benjamin Franklin was a pioneer of printing, publishing his own Almanac magazine, and began conducting electrical experiments in the mid-1740s, at a time when much was still unknown on the topic.

Franklin coined a number of terms used today, including 'battery', 'conductor' and 'electrician'.

But what the history books in our schools deliberately fail to mention is that Benjamin Franklin was a SERIAL KILLER, and a member of a Satanic Witch Coven which studied and preserved knowledge of ancient technology - which was first developed in Egypt, 3,250 years ago.

In my book PYRAMID POWER, I present solid evidence that knowledge of how to collect electricity from the atmosphere was well known in ancient times - but a series of Satanic Brotherhoods deliberately kept knowledge of electricity secret - and thus stalled the scientific development of mankind for at least two thousand years.

These Satanic Brotherhoods were led by many powerful & prominent men, including members of the House of Lords, who sacrificed women and children, and drank the blood of victims, in an attempt to absorb and ‘steal’ the bio-electrical LIFE FORCE of their victims.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN did not ‘discover’ how to harvest electricity from the atmosphere - it was already a well known method which had been developed in ancient Egypt by the Jewish-Levite priesthood. For 2,000 years, knowledge of electricity was deliberately concealed from the masses, so that the Satanic Network of Brotherhoods could have complete control over civilisation and stage-manage the Industrial Revolution once their Satanic cult had infiltrated the governments of Britain, USA and France.


is a new digital book by


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PYRAMID POWER is delivered in universal PDF format, and can be read on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC devices. It is fully illustrated, with nearly 80 full colour illustrations and diagrams.  It will be digitally delivered to you via email immediately, within a minute of your order being taken.

Thank you to all my readers worldwide - my previous two digital books have sold more than 40,000 copies - and this sequel contains information which I have gathered during expeditions to Cairo, Luxor, Paris, Rome, Stonehenge, Boston, London and Washington DC.  Thank you for taking an interest in my research - your support has enabled us to publish world class fully-illusrated e-books and to also make documentary films which are broadcast uncensored on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL.  With your continued support and enthusiasm, we are pushing back veils of secrecy which have arrested the development of Mankind and our future on this wonderful planet.

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PYRAMID POWER & the Satanic Conspiracy eBook by CHRIS EVERARD

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