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This is the order page for STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA: CHRIS EVERARD's 500 page book & documentary film revealing the astonishing secret history of psychedelic mysticism… 

In ancient times, psychedelic plants were grown so that ancient man could make contact with another world...

...A psychic world. A world inhabited by their dead forefathers and tribal elders…

But STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA goes way beyond that - these ancient people used psychedelics to expand their consciousness into the COSMOS. They used the 'psychic' qualities of these plants to journey to other worlds - without moving...

In ritualised group-meditation, around campfires in the wilderness of prehistory, a remarkable event happened which the official history books have conspired to censor - and that is that Mankind’s brain was accessed by extraterrestrial spirits from both the past, present and future - and these cosmic psychedelic sessions triggered a series of global ‘teachings’ which inspired the very first utterances of astrology, astronomy, mathematics, tomb-building, weaving, ceramics, metallurgy and alchemy.

Psychedelic-telepathic ‘priesthoods’ evolved, each dedicated to one or more psychoactive mushrooms, weeds, vines, saps and roots. This elite priesthood were constantly and incessantly in a ‘tripped-out’ state, uttering guidance for mankind which was taken from a deep cosmic-brain which was accessible via psychedelic plants…

And that, is just the tip of the iceberg… Investigated in a 500 page large format hardcopy book and two hour DVD documentary written and produced by CHRIS EVERARD.

“Chris Everard’s STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA is a masterpiece”
~ Hidden Truths blog

Price includes very large book weighing nearly half a kilo plus 2 x DVDs with a documentary filmed and presented by CHRIS EVERARD at the Great Pyramid in Egypt

The Cannabis plant evolved about 28 million years ago on the eastern Tibetan Plateau, it is a close relative of the common hop found in beer. Its euphoric effects can trigger philosophical appreciation of human relationships, Nature and lateral thinking.

It is argued in the pages of this large format book that psychedelic plants, mushrooms and vines are partly responsible for a ‘Cambrian explosion’ in the evolution and size of the human brain.

More than 4,000 years ago, Chinese farmers began to grow cannabis, and more than 5,000 years ago in the United States and Canada, First Nations people were already using Cannabis as an aid to tribal debate and to trigger telepathic communion with Elder Spirits, which is at the heart of the world’s oldest religion; SHAMANISM.

“This book is much more professionally produced than your average book - it has a full color chapter and every page is illustrated - it’s not just a great read - with plenty of humorous and astonishing observations - but Chris Everard has managed to condense hundreds of thousands of years of human history into a book which you literally cannot put down and laugh at on nearly every page. Chris has an easy readable, witty style, which is so lacking in most books on ancient history”
~ Ancient Earth blog

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Today, more than 200 million people regularly smoke cannabis, making it one of the world's most popular recreational drugs - even though it has been banned in most countries for the last 100 years. But cannabis is only part of the story of mankind’s Stone Age Psychedelic History - Poppy Opium, Lettuce Opium, Naturally fermented alcohols from tree honey and ‘magic’ mushrooms have all been used by mankind to trigger a telepathic conversation with non-physical entities who have inspired advanced cultures in the ancient world...

Chris Everard investigates the awesome psychedelic properties of TOAD CRACK, Ayahuasca, Fly Agaric and dozens of psychedelics and explores the cults, rituals and religions which these ancient drugs inspired.

“Stone Age Psychedelia is a remarkable book”
~ Lionel Fanthorpe, presenter of ForteanTV, Channel4 television UK

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STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA is delivered with a free two hour film on twin DVDs.

  • 500 pages, Full Colour chapter, 100+ illustrations, full Index, plus 2hour documentary film
  • Now available with free worldwide mail-order via Chris Everard’s GUMROAD books store:

$39 includes shipping and 2 free DVDs.

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