Chris Everard's DEEP STATE book

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Chris Everard's DEEP STATE book

Chris Everard - British author & Film maker
22 ratings

If you don’t know what the DEEP STATE is all about - then it can be described in the following way:- They are a global network of royals, financiers, secret societies, witch covens and sex cults who are interested in G.O.D - that is; Gold, Opium & Diamonds - or you could say Gold, Oil and Drugs... That’s how they have made their money.

But that’s just the start - they then used money to create principalities - and with these self-awarded royal titles they bought every politician, assassinated those that disagreed and started PRINTING THEIR OWN MONEY - and they can print as much of it as they like...

The printed fiat funny money retains it’s value because they TAX PEOPLE TO THE HILT and have sadistic fun watching billions of people crawling in the dirt to make a dollar. They are occultists, evil, and have no mercy. Many are royals & aristocrats. Some are technologists and they use Genetics as Eugenics... But there is so much more... They are in psychic contact with mysterious entities - and have been for a 100 years... This is not a joke. This is NOT a 'Conspiracy Theory'...

Enjoy my latest book - it reveals hidden links between people who history tries to kid you are not related at all...

The second world war was not a war between the allies and the Nazis - it was a war on the poor, it was a war on you. Like nearly every war in history, the target enemy were the brightest, fittest, youngest WORKING CLASS KIDS - these are routinely ‘pruned’ from society by the Royal Deep State. The pruning knife is called ‘WAR’. The managers, financiers and creators of wars are the Royals. All have been. Always will be - unless PEOPLE POWER, such as the French Gilet Jaune [Yellow Vests], the Brexiteers and the 5-star Movement activists in Italy continue exposing how the ‘Deep State’ have been swindling and defrauding and even poisoning working class families for centuries...

  • "What I reveal in DEEP STATE is that the Elite are inspired by some alien-demonic force... Their global domination is aimed at depopulation"

“Chris Everard has helped to push forward information which the public have greatly benefitted from”

~ Fritz Springmeier

“I have really enjoyed Chris Everard’s documentary films and read his posts. Very good research. Chris knows so much, I wonder if he has been initiated into some secret society like me!”

~ Leo Zagami

“Chris Everard helped me ‘awaken’ and I thank him for that!”

~ Kev Baker Show, TFRlive.com

“Chris Everard has brought new evidence to light!”

~ Veterans Today

“When I watched SECRET SPACE [directed by Chris Everard], I could feel the ripples of public approval for the information the film brought to light. Very well put together film.”

~ Jim Marrs

“Chris Everard is a really great researcher”

~ Anthony J. Hilder

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